Learn how we can help you improve your SEO

Learn how we can help you improve your SEO.

We get our clients to Google’s first page within three weeks. We use ethical search engine optimisation techniques to organically advance your site’s placement in the search engine results page (SERPs). Our search engine optimisation engineers guarantee fast improvements and file detailed ‘before’ and ‘after’ reports to allow you to track progress. Because we maintain more than 30 test websites we are in a position to experiment with cutting-edge SEO techniques which do not hurt your site and work to give you targeted results in terms of its organic search engine results page (SERPs).


The image of your organisation or online business rests upon the ability of the corporate branding you have employed to send the right message. We can help you achieve this through a highly focused corporate identity development and corporate branding service that allows your business image to outpace that of your competitors.

We provide: Professional Logo Design,  Business Card Design, Envelopes, Folders, Documents


A book, properly packaged, written, edited and presented allows you to project greater authority and expertise. It can become the means through which you can make a fortune, expand your business horizons, open up new markets and create fresh opportunities.

There are many elements which go into the making of a good book and we are highly experienced in book publishing. Our editors and journalists have worked on both parts of the publishing divide. Many are authors in their own right. Others have worked as book acquisition editors or book development editors. This double-edged expertise allows us the ability to give highly targeted advice to authors and would-be authors who are thinking of going down the self-publishing route.


Printing has become as refined, specialized and highly targeted an activity as any other means of modern mass media communication. Each magazine or newspaper in the market reflects a clear identity which mirrors the likes, dislikes and expectations of its intended target audience.

This is where print design comes into the picture. More than just putting a few fancy borders on an A4 sized piece of paper our print design service works to rationalize each of the elements that go on the page in relation to the target audience, the content of the publication and its needs in terms of best presenting that content and perhaps updating in future.

In the Web 2.0 age websites that have no banners or some aspect of animation are considered old, tired and out of date. This is not the same as saying that you absolutely need to have banners and animation on your website. On the contrary, like any of our services we would only advise you to include these if it made perfect sense in terms of the image you are trying to convey and the impact you want your website to have on your prospective clients.

The kind of animation that looks perfect on a writer’s promotional site, for example, will not look right on a website selling financial services, and vice versa. Having the ability to create specific banners and animation for your website however opens up the option of having special promotions, celebrating specific seasonal celebrations (like St Patrick’s Day, Halloween and the Fourth of July) which makes your website look topical, current and clued-up and reflects well on your customers.


In marketing your website and your online business you have a number of options. Some cost more (like hiring a Marketing Consultant who will then hire us), some cost less (such as trusting the marketing of your business on a freelancer you’ve never seen before) and some cost exactly what they should. If these are also your thoughts then you’ve come to the right page.

Our exposure to hundreds of different online business models and online/offline business model variations allows us to see at first hand which business models work and which do not, and this means we are able to advise you directly in ways that help your online business succeed.


Have you got a charity project or non-profit organisation that needs assistance?
WebDirectStudio is active in its global as well as local community. As part of our social responsibility we aim to supply consultation expertise, web design, web programming and even online marketing and print promotional material design services at nominal cost or completely free.

There are many reasons why we have decided to do this. We know from direct experience that many charities and non-profit organisations striving to benefit their immediate communities and create a better world for all of us struggle in terms of funds and expert business advice. This is our way of putting something back. You need to contact us with a detailed outline of what you want and explanation of what you are trying to achieve and we will take things from there, getting the assessment process for your project, started.

If your business is not currently online you are missing out on a sizeable chunk of new customers and you are failing to use your online presence to communicate and inform your existing customers. In the 21st century a website is more than a digital presence. It is the digital equivalent of a real life shop and it gives you the same opportunities and the same advantages.

Whether you are trading locally or globally you need a digital presence that works tirelessly, 24/7 as convincingly as you do on a face to face basis. This means you’re your digital presence needs good web design services, above average SEO skills and the kind of online business model development advice that can come only from teams of experts who see it all day in, day out.

Whether you’re looking for cutting-edge web design, some extra functionality in your online business, no-nonsense SEO work , search engine marketing (SEM), a brochure intended for printing, digital animation, downloads, flash movies, ebooks to business literature that will link your offline and online activities, business cards, a logo, corporate branding or an eCard we are ready to provide it at cost-effective prices.

Because we don’t do anything in half measures what we’ll give you will be a cutting-edge product styled around your industry and designed to make you stand out from your competitors. And because we do so much research and development before we create anything we’ll also be able to tell you how to best take advantage of the mistakes your competitors are making and come out ahead in the game!


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