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Keyword Stuffing – Same Keyword stuffing May jammed main keywords that point to the content results in making no sense Out of it.

Invisible content – Invisible content that is not intended for users to see but used to fill pages with keywords that may put site on a search engine’s lower order.

Too many h1 tags

Link farms – Link farms are basically individual pages with numerous links to other sites.

Over of the any above can result in your site being “sandboxed” which results may results in exclusion of your site by search engine

SEO is a very time-dependent practice. Even if one used good SEO techniques, don’t expect results for up to 6 months or even more. It is important to be patient wait for the results.

Although the exact ROI of your SEO services is virtually incalculable due to its lengthy timeframe, experts agree that SEO is the most cost-effective marketing strategy if done correctly.

To get quality results without any personal time dedicated into your SEO operations, consider hiring a qualified SEO firm to handle the task.


Don’t post spam and junk characters on the websites.

One good benefit of forum use is if you want to change your website address, just go to your profile, change your signature to reflect the new website, and all your old post signatures will automatically update. Next time when the search engine comes again, everything is updated and your website back to getting traffic and ranking.

Do not stuff keyword ratio above page above an 8 – 12% for a page.

If you hide keywords then your pages may get blocked from search engines. Results in site may get blocked by search engines .So it is important to give a good picture for search engine of your website.

This precautions may leads to get better search engine ranking and ultimately, to get traffic.


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